Quick Setup

Get started with recognizing faces in no time. Minimal setup required. Even more, you can use FaceQuest™ solely using API calls, if you wish.

Developer-friendly APIs

Automate your workload using FaceQuest™ APIs. Recognize faces from any programming language by simply using your secret key.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Subscribe for only the required amount of time. FaceQuest™ offers even a single-day subscription package. Say good bye to hefty yearly license fees.


No Infra Headaches

You do not need jazzy infra or AI coding skills to recognize faces in your software. FaceQuest™ enables you to concentrate on building your own software, without additional investment and maintenance for high end infrastructure.


Language Agnostic

FaceQuest™ does not care what programming language you use to code. As long as you can call HTTP(s) API end-points from your code, you could recognize faces from Java, Ruby, Scala or even Fortran (just-kidding!)


Focus on User Experience

FaceQuest™ has an easy-to-use and clutter-free Web UI, in case APIs are not your thing. See only relevant information and nothing else. FaceQuest™ APIs are designed keeping the developer's productivity in mind.


Secure & Safe

FaceQuest™ takes all possible measures to secure your data. All data is encrypted at rest. Only https for data transmission, no exceptions! You have full control over the data you add to FaceQuest™ platform.

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