1:1 Facial Recognition

FaceQuest’s 1:1 Facial Recognition Technology answers the question -- "Do these two photos belong to the same person?". The user provides two pictures and the software tells if they belong to the same person or not.

FaceQuest® 1:1 Facial Recognition Technology is a Face Matching System powered by AI which matches & verifies 2 faces uploaded in two different pictures. It can be used for Contactless Identity Verification, ID document verification with a person’s photograph, Face Comparison and Impersonation & Fraud Detection.

Useful to

  • Banks for ATM Fraud Prevention
  • Financial Institutions for Contactless Identity Verification
  • Insurance Companies for Customer Onboarding
  • Subscription based Rental apps for Customer Onboarding & Contactless Identity Verification
  • Ride Hailing Services & Taxi Apps for Partner Onboarding & Check

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